Augustin starts an epic adventure, sail away on this trip with us!

Making a movie is as adventurous as sailing the ocean and becoming a corsair.

At the beginning of our journey the biggest challenge and risk is financing the project. We have calculated how much we absolutely need to make the film. In good quality, economically.

If you help us finance the entire film, it will be a dream come true. It’s beautiful to dream but we’re sure you’ll ask what we’re going to do if it goes wrong and there isn’t as much money – because that can happen. There are other sources: investors, TV rights pre-sale, distribution rights pre-sale, coproduction, loans…

However, the fact is that when someone invests in a project, they want to influence its form or the cast or other important things. The larger the part of the money coming from you, the fans and viewers, therefore, the larger your power to influence it.

We have a lot of nice gifts that you can get when you help to form the film! Here you will find >>


If you would like to only contribute any amount, you can use our donor button, either through Paypal or Bitcoin:



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Thank you for your support!

What else can I do?

If you are a movie fan and you like our idea or the genre, you can be a lot of help: join us on Facebook and let your friends know. Tell them about our project.

Do you run your own website or a Facebook site? Do you organize interesting events, meetups, pirate, history, yachting or historical ships festivals? Tell us about it! We can come up with some interesting joint project!

Do you think you can contribute with your skills? We’ll be happy to welcome skilled film makers who consider their work on a project more than just a job – a real passion. If you think your involvement in preparations, filming or later in distribution would be meaningful, let us know. We never leave an e-mail unnoticed.

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