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Augustin Heřman


He is the main hero. A young man, about 20 – 25 years old, a bit naive at the start, a bit awkward but inquisitive and active. He escaped from Europe because of religious persecution. It is strange to mention that with a corsair but he loves reading and he can draw. He knows how to behave, how to negotiate, he has obvious charisma. His slightly childish dream is to get enough money in the foreign lands to pay soldiers to drive out the Habsburgs and make it possible for people of different creeds to live together. Apart from that, he is in love with Maria, whom he left behind in his homeland. (Maybe the first dream is a bit of an excuse for him to come back home and propose.) Can you picture him yet?

Je to hlavní hrdina. Mladý sympatický muž, tak asi 20-25 let starý, na počátku trochu naivní, rozpačitý, ale zvídavý, aktivní. Utekl sem ze střední Evropy, protože v jeho zemi zavládla náboženská nesvoboda. U korzára je zvláštní to zmiňovat, ale rád čte, dobře kreslí. Umí se chovat, umí vyjednávat, svítí z něj charisma. Jeho mírně dětinský sen je sehnat v cizině dost peněz, aby mohl najmout vojáky, kteří vyženou Habsburky a umožní, aby mohli v jedné zemi spolu žít lidé různých vyznání. Kromě toho je zamilovaný do Marie, kterou ve své rodné zemi zanechal. (Takže ten první sen je možná tak trochu maskování pro to, aby se mohl vrátit domů a Marii požádat o ruku.) Už si ho představujete?

Das ist der Hauptheld. Ein junger, sympathischer Mann, so ungefähr 20 – 25 Jahre alt, zu Beginn ein wenig naiv, verlegen, aber neugierig, aktiv. Er floh aus Mitteleuropa hierher, da in seinem Land religiöse Unfreiheit herrschte. Bei einem Korsar ist das sonderbar zu bemerken, aber er liest gerne, er zeichnet gut. Er kann sich benehmen, er kann verhandeln, er strahlt Charisma aus. Sein leicht kindischer Traum ist, im Ausland genug Geld aufzutreiben, damit er Soldaten anwerben kann, die die Habsburger vertreiben und ermöglichen, damit Menschen verschiedener Konfessionen in einem Land miteinander leben können. Außerdem ist er in Marie verliebt, die er in seinem Geburtsland zurückließ (also ist dieser erste Traum möglicherweise ein wenig eine Maskierung dafür, damit er nach Hause zurückkehren kann und um die Hand von Marie anhalten kann). Könnt ihr ihn euch bereits vorstellen?

Dominic Manriquez


A Spanish noble. The essence of the proud Spanish aristocracy. His family is far from being as noble as they pretend and the wealth that helps him through the world is quite laughable. But nobody has to know that. Dominik decided to be rich and respected and that’s that. So he seeks opportunities – be it in the Thirty Years’ War in Europe or conquering new territories full of gold in the New World. He is driven, he is unstoppable, he is ruthless to his rivals and, truth be told, his arrogance and refined manners are like a drug to women. In our story he is about 30 years old. He is Augustine’s main rival and to Augustine he embodies everything that he escaped from in Europe.

Un noble espanol. Es decir, la esencia de lo que es un caballero orgulloso espanol. Su familia no es tan noble y aristocrática como nos hace pensar, y sus bienes, con los cuales anda por el mundo, en realidad no valen nada. Aun así, nadie tiene que saber esto. Y Dominik ha planeado que será rico y honorable. Por eso busca todas las oportunidades – en el alboroto de la guerra de 30 anos en Europa, o durante la conquista de nuevos territorios, llenos de oro, en el Nuevo Mundo. Es muy emprendedor, nada lo detiene, no les presta atención a los rivales, pero la verdad es que su arrogancia junto con un comportamiento noble son lo que atrae a muchas mujeres como una droga. En nuestra historia tiene alrededor de treinta anos. Es el rival principal de Agustín, a los ojos de ése es una encarnación de aquello, de lo cual Agustín quería escapar huyendo de Europa.



Maria is Augustine’s platonic romantic interest. She is young and attractive girl between 15 and 25 from Central Europe She may be “only” a trader’s daughter but she knows how to move and behave like an aristocrat and charm all the men around her. Not just Augustine, also the Spanish adventurer Dominik de Manriquez. And she enjoys it most of all. She is no “Amazon”, she might actually be a little spoiled and very female. This role is suitable for a girl who will like to wear a beautiful baroque dress, get her hair done perfectly, put on a lot of golden jewellery and be admired by everyone.

Marie je Augustinova platonická láska. Sice je to ?jen” dcera obchodníka z malého města, ale umí se nosit a chovat jako šlechtična a tím imponuje všem chlapům ve svém okolí. Tedy nejen Augustinovi, ale i španělskému dobrodruhovi Dominikovi de Manriquez. A to jí také nejvíc baví. Není to žádná ?amazonka”, opravdu je to možná trochu rozmazlená, mimořádně dívčí / ženská role. Chce dívku, kterou bude bavit obléci si nádherné barokní šaty, nechat si načesat krásný účes, ověsit se zlatými šperky a nechat se obdivovat. Do role Marie hledáme mladou půvabnou dívku ve věku 15 až max 25 let. Je to dívka ze střední Evropy, proto nejlépe dívku se světlou pletí a světlými vlasy.

Mary Catherine


A young English girl from a good family. More precisely, the daughter of the Governor, Lord Baltimore. Interesting, clever and pretty from the second look. Considering her position, she doesn’t really need to do anything. She actually shouldn’t do anything, it would be more appropriate. It would be easier and more desirable for her to be bored and keen on female gossip like other noble girls in the 17th century. But since she takes her energy and drive after her father, she is balancing on the thin edge of the era’s taste.

Edvard Mansveld


A Dutch noble, adventurer, a careless and cheerful spirit. When our story takes place, he is about 30 years old. His uncle is a duke and a famous warrior from the Thirty Years’ War. Augustine becomes friends with Edvard, who is very friendly to him and is a source of inspiration. There is no clear aim behind what he does. His Dutch family is rich and noble enough for him to need no real plan. His uncle the duke Mansfeld, on the other hand, would prefer him to be somewhere in Europe in a much more prestigious position of a young duke building a career. But Edvard prefers the wild life and since he can afford it, he invites it.

Een Nederlandse edelman, avonturier, onbezorgd en vrolijk van karakter. In de tijd van ons verhaal is hij rond de 30. Zijn oom is een hertog en een beroemde vechter uit de Dertigjarige Oorlog. Augustin wordt bevriend met Edward, hij gedraagt zich zeer vriendelijk tegenover Augustin en is voor hem een bron van inspiratie. Daarnaast is hij een soort “oudere broer” van Henry Morgan. Dat, wat hij doet, doet hij niet met een goed doordacht doel. Zijn familie in Nederland is rijk genoeg en edel, hij heeft eigenlijk geen behoefte om het anders te doen. Zijn oom, de hertog Mansveldt, zou hem daarentegen liever ergens in Europa zien, als een serieuze jonge hertog, die bezig is met het opbouwen van zijn carriere. Maar Edward houdt van het wilde leven en zolang hij zich dat kan veroorloven, gaat hij het tegemoet.

Peter Stuyvesant


A Duch noble man and the Governor of New Amsterdam colony. When our story takes place, he is about 60 years old and very experienced. He has been in war and lost a leg on one occasion. He has many plans for the expansion of Dutch colonies in America, he is an old sea wolf. He helps Augustine a lot when he comes from Europe to start a new life? Who would you like to see in this role?

Een Nederlandse edelman en een gouverneur van de kolonie Nieuw-Amsterdam. In de tijd waarin ons verhaal zich afspeelt, is hij rond de 60, heeft veel ervaring, ook uit de oorlog – waarbij hij z’n been heeft verloren – hij heeft veel plannen om de Nederlandse koloniën in Amerika uit te breiden, hij is een doorgewinterde zeeheld. Het helpt Augustin veel, toen hij uit Europa kwam en hier een nieuw leven begon. Wie zou je het liefst in zijn personage zien?

Cecil Calvert

CECIL CALVERT, lord of Baltimore

The English governor. He is about fifty years old when our story takes plays. He’s an energetic man who will do all in his power to make the English colonies in the New World blossom and grow. He isn’t much of an adventurer but he’s not scared easily. He is a supporting character who will help Augustine a few times.

Henry Morgan


A short man of about 25. He comes from an unimportant noble family in Wales. Between the corsairs, however, he was the elite, thanks to his ideas and manners. These typically left him when he lost control between his own people. He loved smoking cigars and drinking rum. Nobody else could drink like Morgan and keep up with him. Edvard Mansveld is something like an older brother to him, they complement each other perfectly. Just like Mansveld, Morgan really loves what he does. He is not stupid, so he knows how to make it a good hobby and build a career. These guys accept Augustine and involve him in their plans.

Francois L’olonaise

Francois L’olonaise was the son of a French settler (and probably a buccaneer) and a black slave woman. We’re not sure whether he looked more European or Afro-American, both are equally probable. He appears in several action scenes he will enjoy greatly – just like the audience. When our story takes place, he is not a young boy any more – the actor should be between 30 and 40. The part of Francois L’olonaise is not a major role but he has everybody’s attention and he’s unforgettable. He’s a fighter, a sworn enemy of the Spanish and the slave masters – the essence of what we imagine under the concept of “corsair”. His name was spoken in the Caribbean with awe and mothers used to frighten their misbehaving children with it: “If you’re naughty, L’olonaise will come for you.” That’s who we’re looking for.

Girl from Portobelo


She lives in a village whose inhabitants gladly help Augustine against the Spanish soldiers. She will help Augustine get through the jungle. This is a supporting role of a young girl in the movie but she might be rather pretty and probably played by a pretty, talented and young actress, probably of darker skin – native Indian, Afro-American…do you want to dream a little and give us more details about her? What’s in her past, who is she? What is her name? You can give her a name and come up with her story before she appeared on the screen. This way, you become the author of this character! You will be credited in the film as author of the character’s name and bio.


Vive en un pueblo cuyos habitantes le ayudarán a Agustín a luchar contra los soldados de la fortaleza, mientras que nuestra chica le ayudará durante su viaje a través de la jungla. Se trata de un papel episódico de una chica joven, la cual sin embargo puede ser muy bonita y nosotros podemos ver en ella a una actriz guapa y hábil, idealmente de piel oscura – una india, hispana… intenta sonar qué actriz te gustaría más protagonizando este papel.


Vivant dans un village dont les habitants aideront avec plaisir Augustin contre les soldats espagnols, notre jeune fille aidera Augustin a traverser la jungle. Il s’agit d’un rôle épisodique de fille jeune, éventuellement belle, qui pourrait etre incarné par une actrice jolie et habile idéalement au teint foncé – une Indienne, Hispanique, Française, Afro-Américaine… essayez d’imaginer laquelle vous plairait le plus.


Commander of the Spanish coast troops 

He is a Spanish officer who fights against our main hero in the film but he’s simply a soldier, a direct, brisk guy. And apart from having a uniform he admittedly fights really well. His role is suitable for a man, preferably of 30 – 60 years (he’s an experienced officer, after all) and Hispanic appearance.


Corsaire français.

Nous pensons qu’il est de Saint-Malo, mais n’en sommes pas surs. Il est assez mystérieux. Au temps de notre histoire il a 30-40 ans. Peut-etre possede-t-il au Louisiane une plantation de tabac, mais ce n’est pas sur. Il est élégant, galant, parfois assez impulsif, avec Augustin il confluera quelques affaires satisfaisantes des deux côtés et participera a une importante expédition commune.

Proposez-nous qui pourrait l’interpréter et si vous voulez, aidez-nous a lever le voile sur son mystere – écrivez ses données biographiques élémentaires. Vous pouvez également le rattacher a un personnage réel, mais aussi inventer un peu.



This is a role of a fanatical Jesuit who is fighting against Protestantism. We need a man preferably of European appearance, aged at least 30 but preferably 40 – 50 years. Best suited for those who would enjoy playing a good villain.

waitress at the pirate pub in Port Royal 

This is a small but very nice role. There will be all the leading members of the pirate mission, including Augustine and other notable pirate and corsair names. This has to be someone cheerful, who loves leading a full life and knows how to enjoy taming even men who inspire fear in the entire Caribbean.



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